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Mandatory Re-issuance of OCI Card Upon Acquiring New Passport for Some

Please note that after June 30, 2020, no OCI card holder would be permitted to travel to India if they are not in possession of re-issued Certificate of Registration upon acquiring new passport, if required.

Why were many OCI Card Holders, in the recent past, not permitted to board flights to India in spite of having OCI Card in their possession? This question puzzled many.

OCI rules mandate some OCI card holders to get OCI Card or Certificate of Registration of Overseas Citizen of India re-issued upon acquiring new passport.

Certificate of Registration of Overseas Citizen of India (OCI) contains photo of card holder, Name, Date of Birth, Place of Birth, Occupation and Date of Issuance on first inside page and name of parents, address and Passport number of applicant on the last inside page.

Who must obtain re-issuance of Certificate of Registration of OCI under OCI rules?

Rule 1: If OCI Card holder, at the time of issuance of OCI was less than 21 years of age, he/she must get re-issuance, each time he/she acquires new passport before his 21st birthday, and one time after his/her 50th birthday. He/she does not need re-issuance if he/she acquires new passport after his 21st birthday and before his 50th birthday.

Rule 2: If OCI card holder, at the time of issuance of OCI is between 21 and 50 years old, he/she does not need re-issuance upon acquiring new passport. He/she is required to get OCI reissued one time when he acquires new passport after 50th birthday..

Rule 3: If someone obtains OCI after his/her 50th birthday, re-issuance of Certificate of Registration is not required at any time when he/she acquires new passport, unless passport recorded in OCI is lost.

In brief:

OCI Cardholder's Age When

Up to the Age of 20 years Each time OCI card holder acquired new


Between 21 and 50 Not required when OCI card holder acquires new


After 50th birthday Once on acquiring new passport after 50th birthday

OCI Card holder must carry old passport, new passport and OCI when travelling to India when re-issuance is not required.

It is suggested that all OCI card holders check the date of issuance and passport number listed in Certificate of Registration and take appropriate steps to comply with applicable requirements.

Author: Santosh K. Pawar is an attorney licensed to practice in India and U.S., specializing in U.S. Immigration, Family Law, Wills, and NRI Services. Please feel free to contact for further information and/or assistance by Email at, tel. at (585) 264-1649 or WhatsApp at (585) 474-0935

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