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U.S. Immigration

We are committed to providing effective, result-oriented immigration representation of Individuals, Families and Businesses in obtaining Visas, Green Card, Citizenship, Deportation Defense, Appeals, and Federal Actions.


Representation before Immigration Service, National Visa Center, U.S. Embassies, Immigration Courts, Board of Immigration Appeals, and Department of Labor.


We specialize in:


  • Visas:    

    • Fiancé(e); 

    • Visitor (Business and Tourism/visit family and friends/medical treatment);   

    • Work Visas:

      •  Professionals (H-1B);

      •  Multi- national company transferees (L-1);

      •  Religious Workers (R-1); and

      •  NAFTA.


  • Green Card: 



  • Family members of U.S. Citizens:

    • Spouses;

    • Children (unmarried, married, under 21 & Over 21);

    • Parents; &

    • Siblings. 

  • Family members of Permanent Residents:

    • Spouses;

    • Unmarried Children under 21; and

    • Unmarried Children over 21.

  • Victims of Spousal Abuse (VAWA);

  • DNA testing;

  • Removal of Conditions on Residence (10 year Green Card) – I-751;

  • Replace Permanent Resident Card;

  • Response to USCIS Request for Additional Evidence;

  • Response to USCIS Notice of Intent to Deny (NOID) Immigration Benefits;

  • Response to USCIS Notice of Intent to Revoke (NOIR); and

  • Immigration of Adopted Children.


  • PERM and I-140 Petition filing;

  • Priority Workers - Multinational Company Executive Transferees; and

  • Religious Workers. 

  • Citizenship: Naturalization (after 5/3 years of Green Card), Preparation of    History and English Language Test, Certificate of Citizenship of Foreign-born children of U.S. Citizen(s) parent, Consular Report of Birth Abroad, U.S. Passport, Naturalization Appeal, Federal Action Against Naturalization Denials.


  • Deportation: Bond Hearing and Release from Immigration Custody Deportation Defense before Immigration Court Cancellation of Removal Proceedings Adjustment of Status as Permanent Resident before Immigration Court Removal of Conditions (I-751) before Immigration Court Appeals against Deportation Order before Board Of Immigration Appeals & Court of Appeals


  • Federal Action: Mandamus Action against unreasonable Immigration Processing Delays; Challenging adverse Immigration Decisions for denial of immigration benefits, naturalization/citizenship, & Final Removal Order.

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