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Non-Resident Indian Property & Legal Services

Are you a Non-Resident Indian and require professionals to assist you in claiming inheritance, transfer of assets (bank accounts & Property), and Repatriation of funds to U.S.? 


We provide unique services to Indians living in U.S. I, Santosh Kalra Pawar, am law graduate from India and have experience with Indian law and legal system.  I strive to resolve the disputes among heirs by reviewing documents, evaluating and determining legal rights, narrowing down issues of dispute, preparing family settlement agreements, and transferring titles. 

Title establishes ownership and ownership entitles owners to claim benefits.  If title is not in your name, it is not your property. Non-Resident Indian, who acquire assets, whether bank accounts or property, by inheritance, succession or purchase, require proper legal assistance for asset transfers in timely manner.  

Repatriation of funds to U.S. requires document compliance and tax compliance.  


It is important that all non-Indian Residents, who acquire assets after death of ancestors, obtain transfer of titles at the earliest by mutual settlement or court order (if mutual settlement is not possible due to disagreement).

We specialize in:



  • Review of Legal Documents:

    • "Wills” executed in India;

    • “No Objection Certificates”;

    • “Family Settlement Deeds”; and

    • “Partition Deeds”

  • Determination of Rights and Entitlement in Inherited Assets;

  • Transfer of Inherited Bank Assets in NRO accounts in India;

  • Transfer of Inherited Property and mutation; and

  • Remittance/Repatriation of funds to U.S. from India.

We also assist in:

  • Obtaining OCI & Pan Card;

  • Renunciation of Indian Passport by U.S. Citizens;

  • E-Visa to India;

  • Reviewing, Drafting & Proper Execution of Power of Attorneys;

  • Reviewing and proper execution of Property Documents; and

  • Embassy Notarization/Attestations of Legal Documents.

Remittance/Repatriation of funds to U.S. requires document compliance as well as tax compliance under Reserve Bank of India rules.  We assist in obtaining clearances and legal transfer of funds in U.S. banks.

It is a well known fact that all heirs, spouse, sons and daughters, are entitled to equal shares in inheritance, unless proven otherwise.  


Anyone claiming entitlement to property of the deceased, under the Will, must establish the validity and proper execution of the “Will” in court of law, if any legal heir demands the same. The process is known a "Probate".

Probate is a process where court determines validity and proper execution of “Will”, appoints “Executor”, and supervises distribution of assets of the deceased among his/her heirs.

Although, in many states of India, probate of “Will” is not mandatory, it becomes a necessity for title transfer of assets of the deceased, whether it is bank account or property, when any heir disputes the same.


It is crucial that all legal heirs, before executing any document, including “No Objection Certificate”, must have proper understanding of one’s legal rights and process of transfer.


Please contact us for consultation regarding your property rights in parental and ancestral assets before surrendering your rights.

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